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Mixed Metal Prism Circle Opal Necklace

Mixed Metal Prism Circle Opal Necklace

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From Strut Jewellery - Handmade in Ottawa, Ontario

This mixed-metal Prism Circle Opal Necklace is a minimalist dream. Eye-catching textured silver orbs contrast with smooth 14k gold-fill to create a trompe-l'oeil dupe for pave diamonds; sparkle on, beauty! 

✧ 14k gold-fill and sterling silver
✧ White or black opal
✧ Opal aids with communication and independence and is the birthstone for October. 
✧ Lab-grown opal is more sustainable and durable than mined opals, and doesn't discolour like natural opals (which means you can get it wet!)
✧ 14k gold-fill chain 
 Pendant measures 14mm 
✧ Bottom pendant on model 

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